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Fixing Zip/Image Download Problems On OSX

Some Mac users have problems downloading zip files successfully due to problems with the default 'unarchiving program' or standard configurations. If this applies to you, please follow the steps below and you should be able to download and open any zip file in future.

If you don't want to fix your Mac's zip configuration now and would just like to download the files immediately please skip to the bottom of this page.

To Fix The Zip Handling Problem On OSX

1) We recommend installing one of two free OSX unarchiving alternatives:

unrarX - click here to visit their site and download a free copy>
stuffit (click here to go to the download page for stuffit expander free version).

2) Once installed, find a zip file on your Mac (or download this here)
3) Right click the file (ctrl click it if you use a single button mouse) and choose 'get info'.
4) Change the dropdown menu 'open with' to select unrarX or stuffit (depending on which you installed).

You should now be able to download and unarchive any zip on your Macintosh. If you close this tab or window you will find that your file download page is still open.

To Download All The Individual Image Files At The Same Time

If you'd like to just select all the files for download please hold down the alt key and click on all the files that you would like to download. They should all cue up in the download manager and download one after another while you work.