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Lower rates than anybody else!

Tariffs can get very messy elsewhere; you're charged according to how big the image is reproduced, how many people will see it, where it'll appear, while all sorts of other variables are thrown into the mix. We don't mess about with long-winded calculations about what you pay to use an image though. Instead we charge affordable rates that drop even further if several images are bought or pictures are purchased regularly.

If you're aiming to use our images commercially (such as for calendars, posters or advertising), the rates are higher, but they're still much more reasonable than elsewhere. Also bear in mind that some of the images on this website are not available for commercial use; as a general rule, anything from the Magic Car Pics archive is offered for editorial use only, but everything else can be used both editorially and commercially.

If you're after a load of images we can also arrange a bulk discount; even if you don't want lots of shots but you still can't afford our prices, get in touch and let's talk. We'll always try to help where we can, but remember we have to earn a living too!

When it comes to commissions, we can source a car and photograph it for you. A full studio shoot costs £300-£400, on top of which there may be owner's expenses. Location photography rates vary, but assume a daily fee of around £250 plus mileage.

While we try to keep everything as simple as possible, there are one or two things you might need to take into account; to find out what they are, check out our terms & conditions.